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222 Fifth Gabrielle Early Bird Yuletide Slice of Life

222 fifth Gabrielle dinnerware are dishes that are in bloom always. These 222 fifth dinnerware sets have a floral pattern and they will make any meal a great one. Having this china in your dining room will make your family happier than ever before. The china is vitrified and it has 16 pieces : 8 salad plates, 4 eleven inch dinner plates, 4 cereal bowls and four large mugs.  The Gabrielle 5th avenue set, available at Kohl, is safe in the microwave and in the dishwasher. I will review the Gabrielle set along with other 222 fifth avenue dish sets.

222 fifth gabrielle

222 Fifth Gabrielle Square Set

The 222 fifth Gabrielle 12 piece dinnerware set that is square, cream in color with burgundy is available on Amazon. This Gabrielle 5th set is service for 4 people and it has adheres to the 65th Prop convention. This set of fine china is beautiful and bold and that is strong use to be used daily.

222 fifth yuletide celebration

The ceramic material has been high-fired and it very durable. 222 fifth Gabrielle plates and dishes can be used in a microwave or washed in a dishwasher.  A customer review stated that the dishes was beautiful, nicely packaged each service set is incredible.

222 fifth slice of life

Other sets that are similar to the quality of the 222 fifth Gabrielle are the early bird and the slice of life made by 222 fifth dinnerware.  Nevertheless, red and purple are both popular colors in the 222 fifth Gabrielle china set. For instance, the 222 fifth Lutece 16 piece dinnerware set uses lots of reds especially in the 12 oz mugs and the salad plates. The plates for salad are nice and large at 8 3/4 inches. This dish set is available online at Amazon and also in the Kohl stores.  You can find promotional offers from time to time for this elegant china set made by 222 fifth dinnerware.

222 fifth gabrielle dinnerware

222 Fifth Gabrielle 16 PC

Another great set that is close the pattern in the 222 fifth Gabrielle is the 222 Fifth Ionia 16 piece dinnerware service for 4 set that is has lots of purple in its patterns.  Purple dinnerware is very popular and you should consider buying this ceramic china set today. It has large salad plates of 11 inches and large mugs that are 12 oz.  The style contains purple and blue hues that give garden in bloom feel.

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