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Sunflower Dinnerware Outdoor Sets Porcelain Red

Sunflower dinnerware is popular especially as outdoor dishes. The patterns of sunflower can be found in Tuscan, Cuisinart, and even in kitchen reviews found online. Most sunflower pattern in dishes have yellow sunflowers, green leaves and trim. Although, I have noticed red used in sunflower dishes such as salad plates, and glassware tumblers. A great company for vibrant sunflower dinnerware patterns on plates is pier1 imports. The sunflower dinnerware is hand-painted. I will review sunflower dinnerware sets for you so that you will have the knowledge to buy high-quality everyday casual dinnerware.

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Sunflower Dinnerware 16 PC Set

At amazon, you will find Sunflower 16 pc Dinner Dish Set Dishes made by KMC/KK-Sunflower. These patterned dishes will add an elegant and personal touch to your dining table and they are perfect as a gift. The colors in the sunflowers are vibrant and stylish and a collector of sunflower dishware will be pleased to own this dish set.

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The contemporary feel and great detail of the sunflowers is amazing and resembles the patterns found in 222 fifth dinnerware. Each dish has a bunch of sunflowers including the stems and leaves and the cups have a trim of sunflowers. If you love floral decor, you will love this sunflower set of dishes. A buyer reviewed the dishes and stated that delivery was safe and fast and that the dishes were well-packaged.

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Another great place to buy sunflower dinnerware is at Macy’s. They offer Clay Art Dinnerware of the Tuscan Sunflower Collection.  These sunflower dishes have hand-painted organic shapes and blossoms in the Italian traditional style of pottery. You will find a touch of red and a feel of rose daisy even though the flowers are sunflowers. These patterned sets are made of strong earthenware and can used in a microwave and washed in a dishwasher.  A customer review of these sunflower dishes stated that she was so impressed with the bright vibrant colors of the sunflowers that she re-designed her whole kitchen around them.

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Sunflower Dinnerware Patterns

Popular sunflower dinnerware patterns can be found in Fiesta ware. These dishes are of a pale yellow color and sometimes are made of porcelain.  The sunflower plates and dishes are chip-resistant and are of high quality and actually can be placed in the freezer.

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